Price determination in Moving Service

  • The volume of goods to be transported,
  • Number of household goods to be transported,
  • Need and number of personnel to carry out the transportation process,
  • Packaging materials to be used during transportation,
  • The distance of the new house to be transported to the old house,
  • Number of transportation trips,

Yes, under normal circumstances, the prices of Transport from a series of stages mentioned above may vary. In other words, the transportation costs of 1 + 1 household goods and the transport prices of 3 + 1 household goods cannot be expected to be the same.

Pricing details are briefly mentioned;

1) The distance of the goods to be transported: If there will be intercity transportation, pricing will be made according to the distance between cities. If inter-district home-to-home transportation is available, pricing options will be more reasonable.

2) Whether to move from home to home or from office to office: This criterion is evaluated from the following perspective; If moving from home to home, the transport of household goods will be cheaper than office to office transportation. If the items to be transported consist of heavy and meticulous items such as office furniture, the prices may be higher.

3) Do you want to benefit from different areas such as elevator transportation? For example, your house is located in Arlington, Virginia, and in a 12-storey apartment, but you cannot bring it down. When you call the elevator transport company for this, this service fee varies slightly. The elevator operation certainly affects the price.